Welcome to my courses

I love courses and below you will find information about the current courses that I offer. The plan in 2023 is to develop a range of different online courses. At the moment I offer Pleasure 2.0 which is a delightful online adventure with both group meetings and individual sessions with me. In the spring of 2023, I will release an online yoni egg course that you can do at your own pace in your own safe private space. More information about these courses can be found below.

Pleasure 2.0 – a six month online adventure

the next course starts on September 12

You have a life in this body.

How do you want to live this precious life?

How much do you want to allow yourself to develop?

To flourish?

To live life to the fullest?

This is a course for women who have decided it’s time. That it is time to take the step. That it is time to reclaim pleasure as the birthright it is. It is time to face and embrace what is holding you back from living the way you desire.

The online course is a combination of yummy group sessions and individual 1:1 coaching sessions with Anna between the group sessions where you get the opportunity to dive deep into your own unique challenges.

Read more and register here.

Yoni egg course

coming in April

This is an online course that you complete at your own pace. During the spring of 2023, a live Q & A session with Anna will be included for those who have purchased the course.

In this course you will, among other things, get:

  • Valuable information about pelvic floor health and how it affects overall health and our ability to enjoy pleasure and sex
  • Background information to the yoni egg which has its roots in the Taoist tradition
  • Learn how to use yoni eggs in a safe and secure way
  • Learn how you can use yoni eggs to strengthen your pelvic floor and strengthen the connection with your yoni
  • Get access to a variety of practical pelvic floor exercises for regular practice
  • Get access to a variety of practical yoni egg exercises (which you can do with or without eggs)
  • Learn yoni egg exercises for increased sexual energy
  • Learn a variety of preparatory energy exercises