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I have been lecturing for many years and I love it! The interaction with an audience – small or large – is so rewarding and valuable. Especially when it comes to these topics that can feel challenging to talk about. I really enjoy bringing together my areas of expertise which include food, body, sexuality and pleasure as well as mindfulness and self-compassion. I lecture with a lot of warmth, humour and interaction with my audience. And include the personal combined with the professional. 

I am very flexible and adapt the presentation to the context and the wishes and experiences of the audience.

Themes that I love to lecture about and frequently do include:

  • Mindfulness and sexuality
  • Mindfulness, self-compassion and sexuality
  • The impact of patriarchal structures on sexuality (regardless of gender)
  • Adolescents, puberty and sexuality
  • Sex and performance
  • What does it mean to own your sexuality?
  • Sexuality and menopause
  • Desire/lack of desire and orgasms
  • Food, body and sexuality
  • Relationships and sex

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