Self-care retreat for women

30 March – 2 April

Welcome, women of all ages, to an exciting retreat where we get to know the feminine energy on a deeper level!

The feminine energy. She is Creative. Powerful. Protective. Wild. Playful. Brave. Flowing. So much more than we might have learned about “feminine”.

Within every woman is an infinite power, a natural connection to nature, and passionate creativity. Different things in life may have contributed to us not being in touch with our whole selves and our full potential.

What if everything we need, everything we want to be, everything we want to give…is already within us? Ready to be released. In this retreat you will be invited to various practices, rituals, dance, breathing and flow to have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the feminine energy and inhabit your body more and more. So that you can then use all your power to manifest in this world. This world which needs YOU more than ever.

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Retreat – Discover your Pleasure & Life-force

1-5 October

Welcome beautiful WOMAN to a magical world

To a world where you are invited to meet the depth of yourself. To draw from the well of your desire and reconnect with the magic and flow of life.

To come home to yourself.

To playfulness, desire, life, pleasure, power, sensuality.

All that you already are and carry within you.

Perhaps, like many of us, you have lost the map of yourself. 

Perhaps the demands of everyday life have sidelined your needs?

At the same time, you know there is more.

Are you longing for the depths of yourself and ready to shift to a life guided by your inner self, your desire and joy?

Together we will explore a more authentic and enjoyable way of life. In playful earnest, we examine the wounds, masks and beliefs that hold back our vitality and pleasure.

During this retreat, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your life force and pleasure, get to know your body and intuitive wisdom, and let go of structures and protections that no longer serve you.

During these five days you are invited into another world – guided by pleasure, power and flow.

Together with fellow sisters who carry the same longing as you.

A safe, warm and intimate world that creates the conditions to let go of masks, peel off and find our way home.

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