Retreat – Discover your Pleasure & Life-force

Women's Retreat
Discover your Pleasure & Life-force

1 - 5 October

Welcome beautiful WOMAN to a magical world

To a world where you are invited to meet the depth of yourself. To draw from the well of your desire and reconnect with the magic and flow of life.

To come home to yourself.

To playfulness, desire, life, pleasure, power, sensuality.

All that you already are and carry within you.

Perhaps, like many of us, you have lost the map of yourself. 

Perhaps the demands of everyday life have sidelined your needs?

At the same time, you know there is more.

Are you longing for the depths of yourself and ready to shift to a life guided by your inner self, your desire and joy?

Together we will explore a more authentic and enjoyable way of life. In playful earnest, we examine the wounds, masks and beliefs that hold back our vitality and pleasure.

During this retreat, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your life force and pleasure, get to know your body and intuitive wisdom, and let go of structures and protections that no longer serve you.

During these five days you are invited into another world – guided by pleasure, power and flow.

Together with fellow sisters who carry the same longing as you.

A safe, warm and intimate world that creates the conditions to let go of masks, peel off and find our way home.

To make this possible, we use a range of tools such as:

  • Various forms of breathwork with a focus on letting go of the old and inviting in the pleasure
  • Slow flow and yin yoga
  • Dance and intuitive movement
  • Voice yoga
  • Workshop
  • Energy medicine
  • Ceremonies: cacao ceremony, fire ceremony, purification work
  • Shamanic meditations
  • Sensual and erotic touch exercises (only with yourself)
  • Connecting with the pleasure that already lives in you (through for example yoni breathwork, energy practices, yoni egg practices (with or without egg).
  • Connection and sharing.

Your boundaries apply.

We have searched for a long time to find the safest, most beautiful and magical of places where we as a group can be cut off from the outside world. At first we thought we needed to move beyond the borders of Sweden.  Eventually through we landed in the truth that it is right here on our Swedish ground that we can create the most safe and loving space that helps us sink deep into ourselves where the power and pleasure reside. We are so excited that the retreat will take place at the very special Lyckhem on Väddö, where we will be the only group present. You can read more about Lyckhem here.

Here you will be surrounded by lovely nature, greenery and sea in different directions. We will stay in cosy rooms and meet for our practice in two incredibly beautiful halls – one large for flowing practice and one smaller for our intimate ceremonies and rituals. You will be replenished by your own energy and the most nourishing loving food. All food served at the retreat is organic and vegetarian, cooked with presence and love. The food philosophy at Lyckhem breathes balance and the food is always healthy, tasty, innovative, organic and mostly plant-based. A survey will be sent out well in advance of the retreat to capture allergies and preferences.

There will also be the opportunity to book various treatments – massage, healing etc.

Five days in our own world with a group of women who are exploring the same yearnings as you.

Programme (tentative)

Sunday 1 October: Arrival 15:00

Welcome & find your way in: landing in, closeness, soft yoga, meditation, food

Monday 2 October: 

Wake up: yoga and movement, dance, voice yoga/chanting, breathwork, shamanic meditation, workshop, ceremony

Tuesday 3 October: 

Make room: yoga and movement, dance, voice yoga/chanting, breathwork, workshop, shamanic meditation, fire ceremony, sacred spa

Wednesday, October 4: 

Come home: yoga and movement, dance, voice yoga/chanting, breathwork, workshop, cacao ceremony, meditation, vision and dream work

Thursday 5 October: 


About your guides:

Anna Wikfalk super pleasure goddess. Who works with individual coaching sessions as well as groups in various forms (includes breathwork, meditations, ceremonies, pleasure practices) around sexuality and pleasure. I am a certified VITA sex, love, and relationship coach with Layla Martin and have done a number of other trainings in sexuality and pleasure. I am fascinated by topics that are charged and taboo like food, body, and sexuality because often there are opportunities to access deep patterns by bringing awareness here and make us more free! My own journey has been about transforming a complex relationship with food and the body to come home to the body, freedom and pleasure. And of course to creating a loving relationship with my power source, my yoni. You can read more about my journey here.

I am also a yoga, mindfulness, and self-compassion instructor and have been leading groups for 15 years.

Pernilla Heed works with shamanic energy medicine through individual sessions, ceremonies and meditations. As of March 2023, I am a trained energy medicine therapist and I also walk with Freya and the Nordic Goddesses through a three-year nature priestess training and have many years of experience in yoga, meditation, womb work and women’s circles. The energy medicine I practice is based on Shamanic wisdom and healing arts and includes a range of powerful techniques aimed at releasing mental, physical, emotional or energetic blockages. My own journey has been one of coming home; to body and emotions, to trust and self-love, and to responsibility for the whole of me. This is also what I can guide in. Finding true intimacy and joy, intuition and creativity.

Getting here

Lyckhem is located in the Stockholm archipelago about 90 minutes from central Stockholm. You can get here by car or bus via Norrtälje or by Waxholm boat.

The price for five days includes:

  •  Four nights accommodation at Lyckhem (Väddö)
  • Morning breakfast and fruit, a lovely breakfast buffet with everything you can imagine, a fresh lunch, a yummy coffee and a well cooked dinner.
  • All yoga, workshops, ceremonies, rituals etc as above with Anna and Pernilla.

Price: 9 625 SEK for a share in a double room (the beds can be placed as a double bed or two separate beds). 10 375 SEK for a single room.

Registration is binding and is done here. When registering, you pay the registration fee of SEK 2 500 (partial payment of the full fee). The remaining fee is to be paid at least 2 weeks before the retreat.

Please contact us if you have any questions!