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I am here to guide you to transform numbness and disconnection from the body into vibrant and playful (sexual) pleasure and joy in bed and in life! Regardless if you have a partner or not.

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My take on pleasure

To me it’s not surprising that shame is so commonly connected to the body, pleasure and sexuality. It may very well be what we have (unconsciously) learned during our upbringing, from our family, friends, school, religion and society, etc.

The patriarchal system (please note that I am talking about the system, not about men. I love men, but that is another story) can easily live in our bones. What do I mean by this? I mean that the shame you may feel around sex, disconnection from the body, strict ideas about the physical appearance of the (female) body, the male anatomy predominating the sexual story (aka ”good” to be quick and sex is about the climax), over-giving, a feeling that you ”should” say yes otherwise you are boring/bitter, is not your fault. It is an inherited story passed on for generations and the norm. And with all norms, it can be incredibly difficult to see that it is just a story. One of many. And one that we can choose to re-write. There are other, more satisfying, stories.

Additionally, living in an achievement driven culture sex and pleasure can easily turn into into one of many achievements and/or a goal, without us even being aware of it. By reclaiming your pleasure you get the opportunity to instead approach your pleasure and sexuality with curiosity, openness and love. Without goals and achievements.

When you have reclaimed your sexuality you know that it all starts with you. The relationship you have with yourself. With your sexuality. It is yours. You may or you may not share it with someone else but first and foremost it is for you. And that gives you the best foundation for sharing it with someone else, which can be an incredibly beautiful and sacred thing to do, if you so desire.

Emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and norms taken for truth can create blockages – showing up for example as numbness, pain, disconnection – inside of us, often in our unconscious. These blockages prevent us from experiencing the pleasure and the connection with our body that we long for. In order to heal and free ourselves we need to understand and gain clarity around what those blockages are and learn to meet them from a place of love, radical acceptance and compassion. By doing so they can be integrated and no longer keep us hostage.

This also means learning to honor your body. Loving it into the bones. Including honoring your yoni*, your pussy, or whatever you call her. Creating a relationship with her. And honoring her boundaries. Having the courage to stand up for her. And when you do….she will reward you big time! She will open the door to ecstatic levels of pleasure that can give you nourishment and energy on a deep level. It is my sincere belief that this is available to all of us, not only to some. If we are willing to do the work.

Another common story you might have taken on as truth is this one: I am broken. There is something wrong with me. It can easily happen in a society that thrives on you swimming in self-doubt. I am here to offer another truth: You are not broken. Rather, you are divine. You deserve love. You deserve to be adored just as you are. But I also believe that you need to become your own lover first. Rather than expecting others to be the ideal lover for us, we first need to be that to ourselves. On all levels.

We need to honor, cherish and love our bodies before we can expect anyone else to do the same.

*Sanskrit word for pussy meaning ”holy temple” or ”portal to the universe”

We need to honor, cherish and love this body before we can expect anyone else to do that.

Photo: Gesche Franzén

What will you get from working with me?

By doing work with me you will gain clarity around what is preventing you from having what you desire. With blockages, fears and indoctrinated truths that often live in our unconscious, it does not matter how much willpower we have. These unconscious pieces will fiercely work against what we desire if they do not feel that this is safe. We will be working together to uncover what those pieces are and moving towards embracing them all with acceptance and love. When we do that, they can transform, integrate and get out of your way.

My coaching is a powerful somatic/embodied method where you get the precious opportunity to heal on a deeper level than just talking about what is stopping you. We will go all the way to the roots.

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